On Surging Inflation and Shrinking GDP

“The news of a .9% shrink in GDP – a serious sign of a recession – and a historic 9.1% surge in inflation is bad news for hard-working New Yorkers. Hudson Valley Families have been struggling under higher costs for months now – my family included. Pain at the gas pumps, spiking energy bills, increases at the grocery stores are robbing taxpayers of their hard-earned savings.

What’s most disappointing is the tax-and-spend policies of D.C. and Albany politicians that got us here. From the day Pete Harckham arrived in Albany, he has voted to approve every inflated, out-of-control budget put before him – dooming our children and grandchildren with future tax increases. Why is it that Hudson Valley Families have had to cut our household budgets, but Albany Politicians won’t do the same?

We need to cut taxes, regulations, and spending, and provide much-needed inflation relief to individuals and businesses. That’s why I am running for the State Senate: to restore balance and common sense to our state government. We must get our economy back on track.”


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