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Cut Taxes & Make Our Communities More Affordable


Property taxes, utility bills, prices at the pump and grocery store are forcing people to make tough decisions about their family budgets. We need someone to go to Albany who understands the dire need to make our region and state a place where everyone can afford to live and succeed. That someone is GINA ARENA.


Gina will look to cut taxes and deliver much-needed property tax relief all in an effort to reduce the overall costs for our struggling families.

Help Businesses Thrive & Create Good-Paying Jobs

A top priority must be to get our economy back on track and create a climate where our businesses can thrive. This means resetting priorities and focusing on cutting taxes, eliminating regulations that drive up costs, and investing in our workforce. We must also leverage our outstanding higher-education assets to attract young talent to our community.


GINA ARENA will do just that so that people can earn a living that attracts and keeps them in our local communities.

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Keep Our Community Safe

Under one-party rule in Albany, the needs of criminals are put ahead of victims and families. Pro-criminal policies like cashless bail have led to a rise in violent crime across the State. We must stop Albany’s pro-criminal agenda, support our law enforcement and listen to our local prosecutors who know what it takes to protect our communities. 


GINA ARENA will always put public safety first so that we can again feel safe in our own neighborhoods.

Support Our Schools


Our schools, our kids deserve better. We need someone in Albany who will always make sure our local school districts get the resources they need to grow, teach and thrive. We should do more to invest in our future with greater vocational and trade programs as well as assistance to those students who need it.


GINA ARENA is no stranger to helping our young people succeed, and as our State Senator she will continue to do just that.

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Protect Our Environment 


Our state and region are so fortunate to have such amazing natural assets. Albany must do more to protect our waterways and greenspaces that significantly enhance the overall quality of life for all those around them.


GINA ARENA will find economical ways to reduce our carbon footprint while also making energy affordable and our economy stronger.


Help Gina Win!

Show your support with a donation, placing a lawn sign in your yard or by volunteering your time and help elect Gina to the NY State Senate this November.